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Accelerating the digital transformation of the informal economy

Introducing Credit Association Management System (CAMS)

CAMS helps you manage the finances of your savings group more efficiently

CAMS is a unique system that helps you manage loans, add or remove members, keep transaction records, and other operations that lay a great impact on the success of a savings group. It is designed in close collaboration with different SACCOs, VICOBAs, and microfinance institutes so that it speaks directly to the needs of financial groups.

Saving Module1
Saving Module
Add monthly/weekly savings using your preferred mobile money operator.
Administration Module1
Administration Module
Manage various operations including savings, approving or rejecting loans, adding or removing members.
Lending Module-1
Lending Module
Apply for a loan online and get the amount directly into your mobile money account.

We are moving forward! Stay tuned with us and be a part of our journey.

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